We did not name ourselves the best place to buy an engagement ring in NYC, but our clients tell us that every day, and it brings joy to our hearts to hear from our them how happy they are with their experience at Leeza Braun. Your engagement, your wedding, and your joy and excitement with finding the perfect expression of your love is the most important part of our day.  Here’s what we do differently than any of our competitors…whether comparing to stores on Fifth Avenue or on 47th Street, nothing will compare with the experience you have at the Leeza Braun Studio.

10:  Testimonials

  •  Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

    Kris + Bianca

    Judy and Aliza were super helpful and didn’t pressure me into buying anything I didn’t want. I would recommend anyone that is looking to purchase engagement rings or weddings bands to go see Leeza Braun.  Thank you so much!

  •  Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

    Kim and Jon

    What can I say about Leeza Braun? They were so patient and helped us find the perfect ring that we were able to afford.  Way beyond what we thought.

  •  Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

    Mark and Lisa

    I was so happy that Mark went to Leeza Braun.  The ring was perfect in every way.  The designers really understand your needs and were able to visualize the ring that I wanted! I would highly recommend them!

  •  Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

    Kathy and David

    I have never seen anything more exquisite than my ring. I am thrilled that Aliza was able to help David design a ring that I will never cherish forever.

  •  Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

    Jamie and Michael

    We tried many other places and frankly my head was spinning from all the different rings people showed us.  It wasn’t until we went to Leeza Braun that we were able to easily find the perfect ring! They were patient and were our true diamond guides.

 9:  You are our only client

BK09210 Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

Picture yourself high above 47th street in a beautiful sun-filled room, away from the hustle and bustle of any other shoppers.  Your experience selecting a diamond engagement ring should be relaxed.  This important investment and expression of love, should not be made in a hurried, pressed for time atmosphere.  Without the distraction of other shoppers, you can more easily pick the perfect ring for you and your fiance. Your purchase experience is enhanced through our personalized service and customized designs.

8:  No pressure environment

There is never any pressure to purchase a ring — unless of course you are getting engaged the next day! In fact, we recommend that you shop in other stores to best understand the unique design AND quality that we offer at Leeza Braun.  We guarantee that the designs we create are truly one-of-a-kind in both shape, size, and setting.  The only pressure you will have is making sure that she says “YES”!

7:  Rare access to the highest quality diamonds

different-diamond-shapes Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

As part of a diamond dynasty we have direct access to the most brilliant diamonds in the world that are the same quality and array of diamonds that are found in the finest high end jewelry stores.  We are proud of our ability to source and find the perfect diamond for your lifestyle, taste, and budget.  Because we have our own showroom, we offer superior pricing for our diamonds that are sourced directly… eliminating the expense of a middleman.  Your ring is designed to bring you years of joy and happiness.

6:  Custom engagement ring design

Your love is unique, your ring should be also.  No one else on the planet has the exact diamond engagement ring that you will have.  That is because every element of your ring is customized – from the size and shape of the diamond to the perfect setting, the Leeza Braun diamond engagement ring is yours and yours alone!

5:  Your diamond Counselors

Diamonds-around-the-World-mini Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

This might be the first time that you are buying a diamond ring. All the facts can be overwhelming.  At Leeza Braun, we take the time to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying from the size and shape to the quality and carat size.  We will explain the difference between settings and metal types.  Best of all, all of our diamonds are GIA certified and conflict-free.


4: Fast turnaround

We don’t like to mention the time that we designed and created a customized emerald cut ring in 24 hours ( it WAS a diamond emergency!)  But PLEASE, don’t try this yourself at home. In order to design a perfect ring, we do recommend 2 to 3 weeks. And yes, the bride LOVES her 2 carat emerald cut stone!

3:  Engagement rings are our specialty

Amazing-diamond-rings-1024x636 Best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC

We know what you want.  How?  Because we listen.  We spend a significant amount of time with each and every one of our clients determining what will be the perfect engagement ring for them- no matter how long it takes. We have a vast wealth of knowledge from our in-depth conversations with couples so we understand how to find the perfect stone for her. The ring that will take her breath away!

2:  We know how to keep a secret

The best part about being engaged…the surprise!  We understand how to design, create and size the perfect ring for you fiance without spilling the beans.  We will help you select the size, shape, quality and ring setting without EVER giving away your plan to your intended (or anyone else!) We know the ring you present to her will give her no choice but to say, “YES!”

1:  Satisfaction guaranteed

After working with literally 1000’s of people one-on-one we have developed our own unique way of understanding exactly what she will want…guaranteed to leave her speechless.  We are so sure that your fiance will love her ring, that we guarantee her satisfaction.

Please view some of our engagement ring designs HERE. Please CLICK HERE to make an appointment with us.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect engagement ring.

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