picture-300x195 HeritageMeet the Designers

Daughters of world-renowned diamantaire Leo Schachter, Aliza and Judy Schachter are third-generation members of the famous diamond family. Both were inspired by their father’s love of diamonds to create this collection of magnificent jewelry for today’s discerning women.

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Aliza Schachter

Born and raised in New York, Aliza Schachter has spent her lifetime developing her keen eye and artistic sensibility. As a child, she would eagerly await the return of her father, master diamond artisan Leo Schachter, from his world travels through Europe and the Far East. Inevitably, he brought with him objects of beauty and interesting designs from far off places. Her interest in the discoveries he made and in his passion for his work captured her imagination.

“Great designs start with beautiful diamonds perfectly matched within each piece of jewelry. Where do I get such rare diamonds? From my father of course! You can see how we transform his craft through the art of Leeza Braun designs.”

The Mystique

“There was a certain mystique to my family’s diamond business that drew out my artistic side,” Aliza explains. She followed a variety of artistic endeavors from playing the piano to painting watercolors to calligraphy and illumination, before realizing that applying her talents and lyricism to the design of exquisite pieces of diamond jewelry would be her true calling.

Judy Schachter

Judy Schachter

Born and raised in New York, Judy Schachter has a New Yorker’s undeniable eye for the particular tastes and style of the most fashionable and discerning women. Her first inclination, following her graduation from New York University, was to follow in her father’s footsteps, sharing the family passion for handcrafting the world’s most magnificent diamonds.

As a young working woman, she traveled daily with her father, master diamond artisan Leo Schachter, to New York’s diamond district where she worked, sorting diamonds, and sourcing the best jewelers. She would set the diamonds in the most exquisite couture pieces for the most discriminating of private and salon clientele.

“From his heart I felt his passion for diamonds, through his eyes I’ve seen their beauty unfold. It is his gift to me, this love we share.”

Her father’s patience and passion guided her though those years. She learned more each day she spent with him, developing extraordinary expertise at selecting the finest diamonds as the focal point for each piece of one of a kind jewelry. The settings were handcrafted to showcase the singular beauty and brilliance of each magnificent diamond.