20 unique ways to propose will help you make your engagement memorable. Most likely, she doesn’t care about anything other than you popping the question – whether you are taking a romantic walk in the woods, doing your favorite activity (like watching a movie at home) or bungee jumping – the main thing she is concerned about is that she is about to be asked to spend the rest of her life with her soul-mate – YOU!

But, if you really do want to plan something a bit more elaborate (the better to share on social media) here’s the Leeza Braun list of top 20 unique ways to propose. Trust us, even if you decide to get down on one knee in front of your local coffee-shop, more than likely, she will only have eyes for you…and maybe the ring of course!

1. Take her out to dinner and hide the ring in her dessert.  Make sure everyone in the restaurant knows about it.  Make it even more special by hiring a musician/singer to come to the table and sing “your” song.  Invite a few friends to ensure that it’s videotaped.

Unique-ways-to-propose-Cupcake-Leeza-Braun-1024x683 20 Unique Ways to Propose

2.  Go sailing: Do you live near a body of water, like the Hudson River or a Great Lake?  Maybe even the Atlantic or Pacific?  Go on a moonlight cruise or even a daytime brunch – fall foliage up the Hudson?  Tell the crew, bring the champagne, and, yes, it is a wonderful day!

3. Are you a dancer? Then, perfect – during your amazing duet, get down on one knee and propose to her, like this adorable couple below.

4. Go on a scavenger hunt:  Make it local – around your house or apartment –or make it more dramatic by going to your favorite places.  Don’t know where to start?  Check out some ideas HERE

5. Pick your favorite place to unwind: The key to making this moment extra special is to choose a simple setting (the park, the beach, etc). Then do something spontaneous. For example, if she likes candy, give her a box, and hide the ring inside.

6. Place a marriage proposal ad at your local movie theater: Then take her to the exact movie theater where it will be showing. Make sure you both arrive early before the movie previews are played. The moment your ad appears on the screen, kneel and propose. If there’s no space to bow, just gently hold her hand and propose.

7.  Do something nostalgic: Team up with your local radio station and ask them to broadcast your proposal live. Request to have your song played. Then have the radio announcer announce the proposal. For example, “This love song is dedicated to Sarah, Tom wants to know if you’ll marry him.”

Tip: Choose a radio station that has a good sense of humor. Otherwise, your proposal may fall flat. A good example of a radio station that will have fun with this is New York’s Z100. They’re known for their bursting personalities and they take live call requests.

8:  Take her to the Beach:  Write will you marry me in the sand!

Proposal-Ideas-Leeza-Braun-Go-to-the-Beach 20 Unique Ways to Propose

9. Take her to the mall or a local department store like Bloomingdales: Bring her over to the wedding gift registry section. Pretend you have a friend who is getting married and you want to see his/her gift registry list. When the gift registry attendant asks for the name you want to check, give him/her your girlfriend’s name. Obviously, her name won’t show up. But, she WILL be floored!  She’ll more than likely say, “What? I’m not…” At that very moment ask her, “Want to make this official? Will you marry me?”

10. The ring in the jacket trick: Drop off your jacket at the cleaners. Bring her along on the day of pick up. Slip the ring in the jacket pocket. Then ask her if she can check the pockets for the receipt. When she goes to look for it, she will find a little surprise.  Make sure the ring is placed in Leeza Braun’s exquisite jewelry box!

11. Create a movie trailer:  Invite her to your home for a special dinner and a night of Netflix. Then out of the blue, tell her that you were an extra in an independent film. She’ll probably laugh and think you’re joking around – unless you’re a film buff. To make this movie clip extra special, don’t show the proposal scene until the end of the trailer. If you’re not the techie type, you can hire someone to create the trailer for you.

Tip: Some film students will create a movie trailer for a small stipend just so they can add a new project to their portfolio.

12:  Hire a musician:  Hire a guitar player to meet you at your favorite restaurant or park. Have them play your favorite song and substitute your fiance’s name!

13:  Make it a Production:  Go to a local play in your neighborhood.  Prior to the performance, ask the stage manager if you can get on the stage after the curtain call to make your announcement. It’s is one of our favorite unique ways to get engaged!

14:  Write it in the Sky:  Hire a skywriter and tell them to write “Marry Me” in the sky.

Proposal-Ideas-Leeza-Braun-Sky-Writing 20 Unique Ways to Propose

15:  Advertise It:  Make her a great breakfast or brunch.  Take out an ad in the local newspaper and get her to turn to the page where the ad is.

16:  Romantic Trip:  Take her on a romantic vacation.  While in the air, have the flight attendant make a special announcement…your proposal to her!

17:  Scrap It:  Create a scrapbook of your story together.  The last page is a picture of the engagement ring with the words, “Will You Marry Me?”

18:  Home Cooked Meal: Make an amazing home cooked meal, or even better, hire a personal chef for the best dinner ever.  Propose to her over her favorite dessert. Or take your dinner to the beach.  Have friends and family set up a romantic table that will guarantee her delight! *Our winner of unique ways to propose.

Proposal-Ideas-Romantic-Dinner-Leeza-Braun 20 Unique Ways to Propose

19:  Make it Digital:  With all the free website builders (Like Wix or even Tumblr) create a unique proposal website with all your perfect memories and a special “Will You Marry Me?” page.

20:  It’s her Birthday:  Plan a surprise birthday party for her with all your friends and family and propose to her there! Is this your favorite unique ways to propose?  Let us know!

And our bonus idea:  bring her to the Leeza Braun studio.  Pretend that you are “ring shopping”.  We will take you to our beautiful showroom where you can have privacy to propose!   Of course, her amazing ring is already made and all you have to do is get down on one knee and pop the question.  Champagne included!

Let us know if you have more unique ways to propose!  We love to hear about you and your engagement stories.  Post to your intagram page and hastag #leezabraun!  We will find you and repost.