Buy a diamond engagement ring or not? There are a lot of unique stones and trends that many fashion and bridal magazines are pushing — different stones for engagement rings other than a diamond. While stones such as opals are beautiful there are quite a few reasons that buying a diamond engagement ring is the only way to go when picking out your the ring that expresses your forever love! These 5 reasons to buy a diamond ring will convince you it’s your best option!

1:  Diamonds are forever.  REALLY!  A diamond is four times stronger than a sapphire or a ruby meaning that it will survive a lot of knocks and bangs. If you consider that you will wear your ring for 50 or 60 years (unless you upgrade!), your diamond has to last a long time and weather a lot of activity.  That is NOT to say you should wear your diamond 24/7 or while you are doing chores. There are steps you should take to protect your ring and ensure that your diamond engagement ring truly does last forever.

2:  Semi-precious stones such as Opals, emeralds, and sapphires are softer and can chip much more easily than a diamond.   That is another reason to buy diamond engagement rings!

3:  Diamonds are affordable:  Think you can’t afford to buy diamond engagement rings?  Guess again!  Diamonds come in many different sizes and qualities that allow people with all different budget levels to afford this amazing stone.  Leeza Braun specializes in high-quality diamonds – at a price that is below the large, widely known jewelry stores.  This is because we are part of a family dynasty that has access to the highest quality, ethically sourced diamonds around the globe.  We are also there when our clients are ready to upgrade!

4: Diamonds come in all different shapes and sizes:  No matter what your taste, engagement rings are available in over 10 different shapes and of course many different sizes!

5:  Diamonds come in all different colors!  You don’t have to have a white diamond, although we love them!  Diamonds come in all different colors including blue, yellow, pink, purple, gray, orange, brown and black. They also come in red but those diamonds are the rarest in the world!

Engagement Ring Care

1:  Take your ring off when you get home:  Don’t do the dishes, change the baby or clean the house with your ring on.  Your jeweler gave you an awesome box.  Use it!

2: Try not to go to the gym with your ring:  we realize you might go to the gym from work, but consider your workout – if it involves weights, you might be putting your engagement ring at risk.

3:  Have your prongs checked every year.  You might be damaging your ring without realizing it.

4:  Know your lifestyle:  Leeza Braun will help you select the perfect setting for your engagement ring based on how active your lifestyle is. Although our delicate rings are awesome, we might suggest a slightly heavier mounting if you have a more active lifestyle.

Preventative maintenance is worth avoidable repairs! Treat your engagement ring as a fine piece of jewelry because that is what it is!  Are you ready to have a consultation about your diamond purchase?  Please CONTACT US and we are happy to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.  Learn more about the Leeza Braun experience HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

We hope these 5 reasons to buy a diamond engagement ring helped you understand why diamonds should be your stone of choice.