Hint, hint…

You’re in suspense.  You suspect that he’s about to pop that all-important question but, in all honesty, you’re longing to drop some subtle (or not so subtle!) hints about your perfect diamond engagement ring without either hurting his feelings or perhaps (worse still) getting stuck with a ring you really don’t love. After all, an engagement ring is a long-term investment; you’ll be looking at it on your finger for years to come so you’ll want to make sure it’s exactly the right one. It needs to look and feel timeless – a ring you’ll love as much 30 years from now as you do today.  Help him find your perfect engagement ring!

How do you do this? There are several sneaky ways to point him in the right direction.  

  1. Start a conversation about this between the two of you by commenting on your everyday jewelry and what type of engagement ring would work best with it. If you prefer to wear only gold or only silver, make sure you drop a hint that a matching engagement ring would be best.  
  2. Put together a scrapbook of pictures of rings from your favorite bridal magazines or online sites and show him the cut and look you like the best. Ask his opinion, compare different ring styles and start to narrow down the choices.  That way he’ll get the picture and make the right purchase.
  3. If you have friends or relatives who have recently been through the engagement process and bought a diamond engagement ring, now’s the time to comment on their choice. You can drop huge hints like “I love Susan’s ring! That emerald cut diamond is gorgeous” – or alternatively “I really don’t like Claire’s plain solitaire ring. It looks like every other ring out there. I prefer a pear cut diamond halo…”  He can’t help but get the hint.
  4. Here’s another tip – ask one of your friends to talk to him about engagement rings, and make sure your friend understands your preferences and your parameters well in advance. It’s a little devious, granted, but it’s all in a good cause!
  5. What about an afternoon together window shopping?  You can casually lead him past a jewelry store and stop to look at the different settings and styles, pointing out your favorites.  By establishing some basic design preferences, you’ll narrow down the choices when you come to visit us. We carry a broad selection of popular designs together with some one-of-a-kind rings that will take your breath away.

If you are still anxious that your hints are not sinking in – and you don’t mind missing out on the element of the romantic surprise – our best suggestion is to have you both work with us to design a custom diamond engagement ring to your exact specifications.  (You’ll need to drop this hint well in advance to prevent him from surprising you with something you don’t like!)  A custom diamond engagement ring allows the two of you to be involved in the selection of your diamond’s cut, color, carat weight, clarity (the 4 C’s!), setting and style and you’ll end up with a ring that is unique to you both. It’s a practical, sensible solution to what can be a tricky and delicate maneuver –  and it guarantees that you’ll both get what you want.

Isn’t that the best way to start any marriage?

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