The world is full of beautiful engagement rings, but if you have shopped and shopped and cannot seem to find the perfect ring to symbolize your love, consider a custom design. A custom designed engagement ring is not only one of a kind, but is a unique reflection of your design style and will be exactly what you have been searching for.

Understanding the basic elements that go into designing a ring, will help you approach your custom ring design with confidence. Get inspiration by looking at social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest , or you can always search online to be inspired by what celebrities are wearing! The whole point behind a custom engagement ring design is that it has all the elements that are important to you.

Before you rush off to commission your exclusive work of art, there are a few things to consider to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product:

  1.  Go with a reputable jeweler: The most important element of custom ring design is the company or person designing the ring for you. This person will guarantee the quality of the diamond, understand how to match your style, guarantee delivery time, and design the perfect ring suited to your needs. A reputable jeweler will also provide you with a detailed appraisal report for insurance purposes.
  2.  Start With the Stone: The four “C”s of a diamond are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. (Read More Here)  This will be the foundation of your decision on which diamond you will purchase. It is the most significant element of your ring. Designing your ring without the stone would be like choosing a wedding dress without seeing the bride. Your jeweler should also make sure the ring is GIA certified.
  3. Know Her Style: If you are a groom shopping for a surprise ring, having a good idea of what your bride will like can help you find the perfect ring. Does she love rings and have at least one on each finger at all times? Then you want her ring to stand out in the crowd. Does she wear jewelry sparingly, or shun it all together? Then something more subtle and low-key may be in order. Other questions you should ask and have answers for before you shop: Yellow gold, Rose gold, or Platinum? Modern or traditional? Thick band or thin? Prong setting or embedded? Researching your bride’s taste and style can help you find the perfect ring. Don’t have the answers? Don’t worry! Having the pros like those at Leeza Braun, will help you design a ring that will leave your fiance speechless!
  4. The Wedding Band: In your excitement to design a special custom engagement ring, it is easy to forget that there will be another ring on that finger soon. You may want to think about having the same designer create a compatible wedding band, so that her rings stack together perfectly.
  5. Start Early: If you plan to propose New Year’s Eve, do not wait until Christmas to begin shopping. A custom design takes time, especially if you want it done professionally and to your specs. Allow at least six weeks to give yourself some wiggle room, and to allow for modifications to the design.
  6. Grant artistic license: Unless you are skilled in jewelry design, you are better off giving the ring designer a general idea of what you want, and let them fill in the blanks. The designer will understand the properties of the metal and the importance of the setting, and they will be better qualified to determine what will and will not work. Ask them to provide you with drawings and a mock-up before crafting the final product, so you can make modifications if necessary. But don’t worry about being surprised when the ring arrives. The best jewelers, like those at Leeza Braun, will provide you with a sketch pro-type to ensure that the custom ring you envision will be an exquisite work of art.