If you are overwhelmed by the vast array of styles, cuts and colors for today’s diamond engagement rings you are not alone. It can be a daunting task to pick the engagement ring that is exactly right for you. You’ve fallen in love with the perfect man, so why is it so difficult to find the perfect ring?

Below are the 7 top diamond engagement ring trends and we will  help you curate your choices. Diamond engagement rings go through phases of popularity among brides-to-be, influenced by celebrities, other brides, fashion magazines and all kinds of other tastemakers, so you might want to see what is currently in vogue before you make your final choice. Although they are not actually “walked” down the runway like the new collections of bridal gowns at the New York bi-annual fashion shows, engagement rings nevertheless have their own trends and fashion direction.  These trends increasingly reflect the personality of the wearer; one of the biggest trends these days is simply to be “different.” Many brides-to-be simply do not want a “cookie cutter” ring and instead are opting for a “statement” engagement ring that expresses their own personal style. In times past, a simple diamond solitaire engagement ring was generally the way to go, but many brides today are looking outside the diamond solitaire box for something more memorable and unique.So, what are the hottest trends this year?

1.  Colored diamonds

Step away from the conventional with a natural fancy color diamond.  These diamonds come in an amazing array of yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green and even some beautiful shades of brown. The rarest colors are intense and vivid red, blue and pink diamonds. Can’t decide which diamond color you like best? Why not have a combination? You can put several different fancy colored diamonds together, or you can even add white diamonds into the mix for a fresh look. We can custom create your engagement ring to your own specifications, so it is uniquely yours. This is one of the 7 diamond engagement rings trends that will have you seeing in living color!

fancy-colored-diamond-leeza-braun-300x139 7 top diamond engagement ring trends

2.  Rose gold

Rose gold has been around for centuries. You’ll see it on Georgian and Victorian rings, which were often set with garnets or rubies. The Cartier Trinity ring, which was composed of white, yellow and rose gold became “the” ring to wear during the Art Deco period of the Roaring Twenties. Rose gold has made a strong comeback over the past couple of years, as it gives your engagement ring a warmer, more romantic feel, harkening back to times past. Many brides feel this gives the subtle message that their love is timeless.

Rose gold has practical advantages over platinum; it’s versatile enough to work well with a traditional white diamond, yet also looks amazing with fancy colored diamonds. Pinks, purples, browns and certain yellows look stunning set in rose gold.  Rose gold also goes well with almost any skin tone, an important consideration when you are trying on engagement rings made of different precious metals.  Another top trend in diamond engagement rings that will make your ring unique.

rose-gold-rings-300x139 7 top diamond engagement ring trends

3.  Mixed metals

If you are torn between the choice of precious metals, why not go for a mixture? It’s an increasingly popular choice with many brides-to-be.  Mixed metal engagement rings are a red-hot trend these days and there are several reasons why. If you think about your choice of diamond engagement ring, you’ll want to consider your everyday jewelry, including your watch, so that your ring doesn’t clash with it. The beauty of opting for a mixed metal ring is that virtually anything will match.  Another important point by checking out this top trend in diamond engagement rings is that when it comes time to choose your wedding band, you’ll have many more choices available to you.

Leeza-Braun-Mixed-Metal-Engagement-rings-300x86 7 top diamond engagement ring trends


4.  Vintage inspired

Both Kate and Pippa Middleton have them – as do Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt and Natalie Portman. Vintage style diamond engagement rings are all the rage with the celebrity set and another top trend in diamond engagement rings that you should investigate. Triple-set stones, etched floral designs and mil-grain edging (from the French word “millegrain” meaning “a thousand grains”) help give your engagement ring a romantic, timeless feel that echoes the sentimentality of the past. The delicate floral and nature-inspired designs and filigree detailing from the Edwardian and Victorian era also complement traditional lace bridal gowns if you like a matched look, while the bolder look of Art Deco with its geometric and architectural shapes can go with a more contemporary gown.

Leeza-Braun-Vintage-1-300x86 7 top diamond engagement ring trends

5.  Dramatic cuts

If you’re a drama queen (and we mean that in best possible way), look for a diamond with a big, dramatic cut. This is another huge trend in engagement rings.  Mariah Carey’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement rings are great examples of this. You’ll want to check out our Cushion and Pillow cut diamonds (rectangular or squared like a pillow) for big dramatic effect. The Asscher and Emerald cut diamonds are step-cut, sleeker and elegant, while the Marquise (which is shaped like a football) and Pear-shaped diamonds make your fingers look slender and long. For the truly romantic, the Heart-shaped diamond, which is notoriously difficult to cut, needs no words. The true effect of these cuts often lies in its carat weight, so if you’re all about the drama, you’ll want to go for the biggest you can afford.

dramatic-300x86 7 top diamond engagement ring trends

6.  Halo

Halo-Diamond-Ring-300x300 7 top diamond engagement ring trendsI can see your halo, halo, halo..”  With all due deference to Beyoncé, we are seeing halos everywhere. A halo ring has an edging around a center stone, comprising a circle of much smaller round pavé or micro- pavé accent diamonds.  The Halo setting goes equally well with a traditional Round or Cushion shaped gemstone, giving it an appealing, romantic, vintage- inspired look.  



7.  Pavé

Pave-diamond-ring-300x300 7 top diamond engagement ring trendsAnd our final trend? Pavé diamonds are everywhere.  Meaning “paved” in French, pavé diamonds look almost like a mini-mosaic of tiny stones. Whether in a single row or in a micro-pavé setting on a halo, the look is red hot. You can also choose to have your entire ring composed of pavé diamonds, if that is your preference.



Many of these trends cross over into one another. There’s no rule about sticking with one trend if you like a combination of several, so why not choose a Fancy color diamond with mixed metals and a pavé halo setting? The beauty of our custom diamond engagement rings is that you can choose just about anything you please.  We can help you create a ring that is totally unique to you.

We think you may just become a trend-setter instead of a trend follower.  For more inspiration please visit the Engagement Ring and Fancy Colored Ring sections of our site. Need more information?  Please contact us to set up an in-person or telephone consultation.  And…congratulations!