It has often been said that timing is everything, and that certainly applies to getting engaged. After all, a marriage proposal is the first step to building a full and rewarding life, and it ought to be special. So which times are best to pop the big question?

The Holiday Season: A large majority of proposals take place during the winter holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What makes this the best time?

  • Presence of friends and family: Your holiday proposal makes is easy to share your happy news with your loved ones, making the holiday extra special for everyone.
  • Time to plan a summer wedding: A winter holiday engagement gives you plenty of time to plan an outdoor wedding during the warm summer months.
  • An extra special holiday gift: An engagement ring makes the perfect holiday gift for the love of your life! Put it under the tree, hide it in her stocking, or dress up as Santa and propose on one knee!

New Year’s Eve: As you ring in the New Year at midnight, ring in a new chapter of your life with a surprise proposal. Slip the ring into her champagne, or fall to your knees at the stroke of midnight. Either way, your proposal will make a grand impression as you resolve to love and cherish her forever.

Valentine’s Day: It may seem cliche’, but that’s not always bad. Not everyone remembers what date they got engaged, but your proposal will never be forgotten on the most romantic day of the year! Slip the ring into a box of chocolates, tie it to the stem of a rose, or have it delivered to your table with a special dessert.

On Her Birthday: An engagement ring makes a special birthday present. It shows you are thinking of her, and want her to feel loved and appreciated on her special day.

On the Anniversary of Your First Date: Nothing says romance like remembering your first date and sealing the deal for a lifetime to come. Revisit your old haunt, or create a new memory with someplace more swanky!

During a Romantic Vacation: Whether you are camping in the Rockies, paddle boarding in the Caribbean, or wandering the streets of Paris, vacations make a perfect setting for the perfect proposal. In front of the campfire, on the beach at sunset, or over a candlelit dinner in a quaint cafe, there is romance in the air, and your proposal will capture it for a lifetime.

Two Years Into a Committed Relationship: Two years seems to be the magic number for most couples. You have gotten to know one another, met each other’s families, had a few fights, and still want to be together. Time to make a forever commitment!