Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

The many different diamond engagement ring shapes can be overwhelming, but selecting the shape of the center stone is perhaps the most important part of your engagement ring. There are many shapes to choose from as you can see from the guide below!  The many different engagement ring shapes can be overwhelming! Some brides choose to create an illusion of a certain shape.  For example a round diamond can be surrounded by a cushion diamond pave halo to create the illusion of a cushion shape diamond.  When you come to the Leeza Braun studio, your custom designed ring will be created by our master craftsmen.


lb0015m-300x206 Different Diamond Engagement Ring ShapesBy far the most popular of all diamond ring shapes is the round brilliant …accounting for about 75% of all engagement rings sold in the U.S. It is a classic shape, developed early in the 20th century to accentuate a diamond’s inherent light and brilliance. The round brilliant consists of 58 expertly cut facets, which throw off maximum scintillation. Punch up the look in a halo setting, with side diamonds or wear it as a sophisticated solitaire; it’s a simple, clean look which flatters any hand or finger shape. The round brilliant is for the classic bride-to-be who favors tradition over trend.


princess-cut-diamond-leeza-braun Different Diamond Engagement Ring ShapesIf this diamond engagement ring shape has you feeling like a Princess, it’s hardly surprising. The Princess cut it is the second most popular choice for engagement rings. It can be square or moderately rectangular, and looks equally dramatic in a contemporary or antique styled setting. It was first created in 1980 and has gradually become the most celebrated and popular of the fancy cuts for diamonds, especially favored for engagement rings.  The squared-off look with its elegant, clean angles looks both classic and fresh. It is versatile, chic and works well in almost any ring style.  For a new take on timeless, choose the Princess cut.




Judy-Diamond-Engagement-ring-Leeza-Braun-300x206 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

Originally known as the “old mine” cut, the Cushion cut diamond engagement ring shape has been around for centuries. It consists of a square or rectangular shape with rounded-off corners – and it looks a lot like a cushion, hence its name. The Cushion was the most popular diamond shape for around a hundred years and was as popular in the early 1900s as the round brilliant is today. It has an antique, vintage look, echoing the romance of the Art Deco period.  In fact, if you’re a Great Gatsby fan, you’ll remember that Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring was a Cushion cut halo. Distinctive, glamorous, opulent, romantic, the Cushion reflects your taste for vintage luxury. For the more modern-minded, the Cushion also comes in a modified brilliant cut, giving it more sparkle.


LB0775-slide-300x206 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

Elegant and sophisticated, the Emerald cut diamond engagement ring shape varies from a rectangle to a square. Its unique look features a flat surface and chiseled step cut sides, giving it a larger appearance. While you won’t get the sparkle of a round brilliant-cut diamond, the Emerald cut will give you drama and distinction in spades. Because this cut has fewer and larger facets, imperfections tend to be more visible, so you’ll want to opt for a high-grade stone.  Classic and timeless, the Emerald cut reflects a confident woman with refined taste.



asscher-cut-diamond Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

The Asscher cut diamond is similar to the Emerald cut but with a square shape. Due to the slightly different faceting, smaller table, and higher crown, it gives off somewhat more brilliance than the Emerald cut and therefore should be your choice if you are looking for a square-shaped Emerald.


radiant-cut Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

A predominantly rectangular shaped diamond with brilliant cut faceting all around, making it a lively diamond and therefore a good choice for someone leaning towards a rectangular shape but with more sparkle than an Emerald. The square Radiant is also an interesting alternative to the square Cushion.


oval-cut-diamond-ring Different Diamond Engagement Ring ShapesThe Oval is a unique take on a classic cut. The Oval shape was created in the 1960s and is a modified brilliant cut, so you’ll get the fire and brilliance of a traditional round cut, but in a more distinctive, elongated shape. The Oval cut tends to give the illusion of greater size and flatters the wearer’s long, tapering fingers to their best advantage.  Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, although a sapphire, is an Oval shape. A sophisticated choice, the Oval appeals to the bride-to-be who likes both sparkle and sophistication – and dares to be a little different.


Marquise-Ring-Standing-slide-300x206 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

Commissioned by King Louis XV of France for the Marquise de Pompadour, the Marquise is a football-shaped, elongated diamond engagement ring shape which was allegedly created to echo the shape of her perfect mouth. The Marquise has one of the largest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, so it gives the illusion of greater size.  It is also a modified brilliant cut, so it has the sparkle. Set with pear or round-shaped side stones to stunning effect, the Marquise will make fingers look longer and slender. The Marquise sets you apart from the crowd with its unique, confident shape.



 LBHK0105-Yellow-Pear-Diamond-Ring-3-Stone-slide-300x206 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

A modified brilliant cut that combines the round and marquise shapes, the Pear shape is an elegant choice that gives the illusion of a  larger size diamond while still offering brilliant faceting.





heart-cut-diamond-ring-Leeza-Braun Different Diamond Engagement Ring ShapesA modified brilliant cut that is the ultimate symbol of love.This is a unique and difficult to find stone, but Leeza Braun can help you find the perfect heart-shaped diamond for your dream ring. An amazing and different diamond engagement ring shape.





There are many different diamond engagement ring shapes to choose from but the team of expert artisans and designers at Leeza Braun will help you find the perfect shape for your lifestyle, budget, and taste. In fact, some brides decide to combine shapes by having multi-stone rings or adding baguettes on each side of the center stone.  Please contact us for a consultation and to help you select the perfect stone.

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