We all know the stars have done it right. If you want inspiration on getting the perfect engagement ring,  let’s take a look the rings that celebrities are wearing to show off the love they have for each other!

kate-Upton-Engagement-Ring Get a Star-Worthy Engagement Ring

Kate Upton got engaged to her boyfriend Justin Verlander with a dazzling round diamond ring, unique but traditional all in one! If you like this look, check out our version by viewing The Lucia Round Brilliant Solitaire with Pave Wire Basket and Band.The wire basket under the diamond is set with micro pave diamonds all around.  Set as low as possible this ring is able to flush fit a wedding band of your choice.  This center round brilliant 2.50 carat diamond is held in our signature thin claw prongs. We can create this ring for you with any size or shape diamond.
Lucia Round Brilliant Solitaire with Pave Wire Basket and Band

sophia-vergaras-diamond-engagement-ring Get a Star-Worthy Engagement Ring

Sofia Vergara: Sofia said yes to husband Joe Manganiello to a large cushion-cut large diamond set on a band with even more sparklers. There’s not a better shape to give for someone you love!  The Modern Family star and her handsome hubby got married in December of 2015. If you want this elegant cushion cut design, check out our  Ella Cushion cut. This cushion cut diamond, with pave diamond halo, and a split shank with a gentle cross over for a feminine detail, is set in platinum and the halo expands the visual size of your center diamond.

emmy-rossum-engagement-ring-1 Get a Star-Worthy Engagement Ring

The dazzling and talented actress Emmy Rossum star of Showtime’s Shameless got married with a timeless head turning round diamond. She went classic because she liked the history behind the 1920’s design.

If you like vintage or classic designed engagement rings, you’ll love our Nicole style. This elegant classic round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is set in platinum with side tapered baguettes for a simple sophisticated look. We custom make this ring using a size to suit your needs and budge. We create the setting with a thin platinum band that fits flush with any wedding band of your choice.

kim-kardashian-engagement-ring Get a Star-Worthy Engagement Ring

Last but not least, let’s look at our famous socialite Kim Kardashian. Kayne West proposed to Kardashian with a 15-carat rock! Do you love the idea of an emerald cut diamond?  Then our Sophia Ring might be just the style for you.

Leeza Braun will make this ring using any size emerald cut and create the setting with a thin platinum band that fits flush with any wedding band of your choice. This design can be paired with a  thin platinum shank that has a graceful shoulder meeting the basket, which the diamond is set in.  This allows for the maximum light to stream through to highlight your diamond’s brilliance.  The double claw prongs are very delicate but will hold your diamond securely.

Steps to purchasing your celebrity worthy ring:

Step 1: Research: If you are the bride or groom this is the most important step. Look at rings that your favorite celebrities have worn. Take your time with it. It’s a representation of your commitment and love for each that will and should last a lifetime.

Step 2: If you are the bride: Take your partner shopping showing the types of rings you may be interested in or even let him know who your favorite married celebrity is. Are they wearing a spunky unique ring, or maybe it’s a traditional! Whatever your style is let them know what would make you feel like a million bucks! Okay, maybe literally.

Step 3:  If you are the  proposer:

I:  Take the time to get to know what your sweetheart’s favorite style is. Take her shopping and ask her what types of rings suit her fancy.  If you don’t have access to stores, there are many bridal magazines that  feature ring styles in addition to bridal gowns.  Of course, you can also look at the myriad of styles on our website!

II: Finances. This is one of the most important steps and it is important to understand what you can afford. Stay within your budget.

III:  Give yourself at least six weeks before you ask the big words with her beautiful new ring.    Here at Leeza Braun we can usually design and create your ring within three to four weeks of ordering.

IV:  Set up an appointment with Leeza Braun! Our designers Judy and Aliza  have over 30 years of experience and have designed 1000’s of beautiful custom engagement rings for couples.

At the Leeza Braun studio,  you can get an exquisite celebrity worthy a custom diamond ring perfectly suited to your taste, style, and budget!