Surprise engagements are delightful, romantic and exciting. And you can be sure that, once you pop the question, the ring will become the star of the show. That can be a lot of pressure, but with the help of your jeweler and their designers, you can pull it off without a hitch.

Except, OK, there is one little hitch. You need to know her ring size. Many people think that ring size does not matter because they figure the ring can be resized. However, depending on the ring, stone and setting, some rings are difficult to resize while still maintaining the integrity of the design.

So how do you find out her ring size without ruining the surprise? Here are a few stealth tactics that can work if done with finesse:

  • Tie the knot: When you are out together, playfully ask her to go steady, and tie a straw wrapper or string around her finger. Make sure it’s the third finger of her left hand and not her right! The stealth part comes in when you slip the “ring” into your pocket without her noticing. A nice steamy kiss should do the trick!
  • Stealthy shopping: Pretend to search for a gift for a female relative. Art shows or museums are great places to find rings and other jewelry without giving your plans away. Have her try on a few rings, and find the size that fits. (You may have to secretly ask the vendor for the size, another stealth move for you to master!)
  • Family Secrets: Recruit a family member or her best friend as a co-conspirator. Her Bestie may know her exact ring size. Sis or Mom may also have a clue, or they can easily find out without giving away your surprise (except to them, of course). Since they’re already in on the secret, that same person can be the perfect ally for setting up your proposal site.
  • Secret Steal: “Borrow” one of her rings and have it sized by your jeweler. However, take note of which finger she normally wears it on. Most women save the third finger of their left hand for that special ring.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Wait until she is deep in dreamland, then carefully wrap a piece of yarn or twine around her finger. Pull it snug but not tight. Again, left hand, third finger!
  • Pop Top: This is not a precise approach, but use the pop-top ring from a soda or beer can and slip it playfully on her finger. You can at least get an idea of too small, too large or pretty darn close.

Bear in mind that it is easier to resize from larger to smaller, so err on the large side. Also, most women’s ring fingers are about size 6 or 6 1/2. If your intended is tiny with delicate fingers, size 5-5 1/2  will be a good guess. However, this, of course, can vary depending on the size of your intended’s finger, so don’t leave it to chance.

The jewelry and design team at Leeza Braun are experts at helping you design the perfect diamond engagement ring. From stunning stone to stellar setting, Leeza Braun will walk you through the process, step by step, and work with you until you are satisfied with the final design. Relax in our private atelier and enjoy the ring buying process, knowing you are working with the very best jewelers to create a ring she will love and cherish for eternity.