…or, rather, a custom diamond engagement ring that is perfect for you! So, you think you want the most recent celebrity’s engagement ring.  After all, it is crazy beautiful and absolutely perfect for you!  But, just remember,  celebrities can afford to splurge extravagantly on a diamond engagement ring, and with the whole world watching, the bigger the better!  But, you may not have the budget of an A-List celebrity and that can affect how this exact ring can look on your finger. But with the help of the designers Leeza Braun, you can get a “celebrity” ring that will be customized for  your lifestyle, and will be just as dazzling!

Elements to consider when looking for your celebrity ring

First and foremost, it’s all about the diamond. When you see celebrity rings online, you see the finished diamond engagement ring. Remember that the ring begins with the diamond, and the design (i.e. setting, metal, etc.) comes after. The ring you love on a celebrity may not translate well in a smaller size, but don’t despair.  We will create the perfect ring for you because our master craftsmen know exactly how to design a ring that will not only dazzle you, but everyone who sees it!  Everyone will think that your ring is celebrity worthy!

Size: Size matters when it comes to selecting a diamond engagement ring. When you see a celebrity ring, most likely the diamonds are over 5 carats.  A 5- carat diamond stone may not look the same in a smaller size, but the Leeza Braun studio will ensure that your ring size and shape will have a similar look and feel to the celebrity ring you admire, but will be a perfect design in a size that you can afford.

Setting Style:  There are so many settings to choose from and the setting of your diamond ring is another important factor in creating a unique style. You can be inspired by some of the settings below or you can come to Leeza Braun with your ideas and we will design a unique setting especially for you.

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    Floating Basket

    This exquisite style is made to allow the most light to come through and  highlight the brilliance of  your diamond.

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    If you’re active, choose this popular and modern looking setting. Uses a thin metal custom made rim to hold the stone tightly in place

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    Tension Setting

    An unusual setting that uses tension of the metal band to hold the diamond in place. The diamond appears suspended.

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    Channel Setting

    Love lots of diamonds? Then the channel setting is for you because it uses smaller diamonds in a row into the band of the ring beautifully setting off the main diamond.

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    Pave Setting

    It’s all about the sparkle with the pave band. Paved with diamonds, the minimal setting holds diamonds securely in place without exposing the metal.

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    Halo Setting

    If you’re an angel, the halo is for you! The ring of small diamonds around the center stone forms a halo and boosts the appearance and sparle of the your ring

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    Three-Stone Setting

    If you love lots of diamonds, the three stone setting is for you! Symbolizes your past, present and future love!

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    Antique/vintage styles are designed to fit specific time periods of jewelry fashion, such as Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian era.

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    Split Shank

    For something unique to showcase your diamond choose Leeza Braun’s split shank

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    Flush Setting

    The  diamond is set into hole in the band of the ring so that the ring sits “flush” with the band. Perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands

Shape:  Your celebrity ring might have a very distinct shape that affords itself to a large carat size.  At Leeza Braun, we will be able to present you with diamonds that closely match the shape that you love, in the size and quality that you can afford.  Below is an example of the diamond ring shapes you might consider:

  • Round diamonds are a popular choice because of their fiery brilliance and sparkle. About three-quarters of all diamonds purchased are round.
  • Princess diamonds have an angular cut and are a popular contemporary choice, offering the brilliance of a round diamond at a lower price. Princess diamonds look best in a geometric setting.
  • Cushion diamonds are ideal for vintage-inspired and halo settings
  • Radiant diamonds can be a stunning alternative to princess and cushion diamonds. Cushions and Radiants are the two most common diamond shapes for fancy color diamonds.
  • Emerald diamonds have a sleek, elegant appearance. They are less fiery than round diamonds but are more transparent.
  • Marquise, oval, and pear-shaped diamonds have an elongated shape that makes fingers look long and slender. The elongated shape also makes them appear larger then their carat weight.

The shape of your diamond will in part determine the type of setting that will show it off to its best advantage. When selecting your diamond, your design team at Leeza Braun will guide you to find the best quality stone for your money, based on the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

Metal: There are a variety of metals to choose from but generally, engagement rings are creating using either Gold (white, yellow or rose) or platinum.

You Can Get Your Celebrity Diamond Engagement Ring

Celebrity rings really grab everyone’s attention, and your celebrity look-alike will definitely turn heads. After all, engagement rings are made to be worn and shown off.  But most importantly, our design team will ensure that the ring we design, will not only be exactly what you envision but will also incorporate all the different elements that make up the ring of your dreams.

At Leeza Braun, our expert jewelers and designers will work with you to get the look of a celebrity ring style without going over budget. The shape, setting, metal color and design of your ring are all elements that, when put together, make a beautiful, stunning celebrity look-alike ring that will be the envy of all your friends! For more examples of Leeza Braun celebrity look-a-like rings, please view our Instagram Page.  If you’re ready to start your engagement ring journey, please CONTACT US!