If you are like 40% of millennial couples, you are likely to be planning your engagement sometime between now and February 14.  But getting engaged doesn’t have to be the stressful event that you might be thinking, especially if you start planning now!  You might even get engaged on Valentine’s Day!

Remember, the most important part of the engagement is not the where, not the how, but rather the why.  She is saying “yes” to spending the rest of her life with YOU her perfect partner in crime.  But because you are the perfect partner, you want everything to be special for your soon to be fiancé.  Let’s get started!


The engagement ring is probably the most important part of getting engaged on Valentine’s Day because not only is it a unique expression of your love, but it is also the most important first purchase of your relationship. Remember, she is going to be wearing the engagement ring for a long time to come, so you want to make sure that it is perfect for her.

How can you find out what she likes without totally blowing the surprise?  She might have already shown you rings she likes (her way of dropping hints) but maybe not!  Here are some sneaky ways to find out how to get her the perfect engagement ring:

  1. Pay attention to her current rings.  Are the stones round or square shaped?  Perhaps they are oval, or some other shape.
  2. Is her taste simple or elaborate?
  3. Involve a discreet family member or friend. Girls talk – especially if they hope to be engaged soon.  Have one of her friends or sisters ask her about her dream ring.  You’ll be surprised how much detail they will be able to uncover.
  4. Ask her to go window shopping with you…in case one day you’ll be ready to pop the question.

How Much Should You Spend? At Leeza Braun, we feel a purchasing a diamond, is not only a symbol of your love but is an excellent investment.  You want to make sure that the engagement ring you purchase, is one that you can afford. Leeza Braun’s expert gemologists ensure that the ring you can afford is the highest possible quality.  As part of a diamond dynasty family, Leeza Braun has access to the finest diamonds around the globe.  Access that is only available to 100 diamond dealers around the world. You can be sure if you buy a ring this Valentine’s Day you be able to select a diamond that is non-pareil!

Designing the Ring: There are many different shapes of diamonds as well as different settings.  If you are able to get some information, as mentioned above, our master design team will be able to craft a perfect diamond ring in time for a Valentine’s Day engagement.  There will be nothing left to chance as you will be able to view the progress every step of the way…from the first drawing to the computer generated 3 dimensional mock up, to the final ring itself.  Each step is a detailed process that ensures you get the perfect ring for the love of your life!


Getting engaged on Valentine’s day is not that different than getting engaged on any other day of the year with the exception that perhaps, there is a higher level of expectation for the event to be occurring!  Here are several unique ways to get engaged that are sure to be the perfect beginning to your happy ending!

Keep It Simple

  1. Go out to a romantic restaurant and have the ring be in a champagne glass, have  musician sing your favorite song, have friends and family hiding at tables.  When the time is right, get down on one knee and pop the questions.
  2. Bring her flowers and a ring to her place of work – make sure her boss and co-workers know what’s coming.
  3. If you live near a body of water that offers winter cruises, take her out on a brunch or dinner cruise and pop the questions.
  4. Take her on a carriage ride through your local park.
  5. Take her ring shopping to Leeza Braun’s amazing showroom and “pick out rings”  pop the question.  We’ll have champagne ready!
  6. If you live near wineries, plan a romantic wine tour and tasting.  Ask her at the end of the tour.
  7. Rent a limo and treat her like royalty.  Ask her in the limo to be your wife!
  8. Take her to a rooftop bar (indoors of course) or someone else with an amazing view.  Have the champagne and ring ready.
  9. Take her to your “special place” and pop the question there.
  10. Take out a full-page ad in your local newspaper and serve it to her with breakfast in bed.

Get Elaborate!

  1. Take her on a 3 day get-away to a spa, or local upscale hotel in a city near you!
  2. Take a helicopter ride in your area and travel over beautiful scenery!
  3. Go to a cabin in the woods where you will have romance in front of a fireplace.
  4. Rent out an entire restaurant and have your friends and family be the dinner guests and join in on the surprise.
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride and pop the question mid-air.
  6. Hire a skywriter to write “will you marry me?” in the air.
  7. Go to a sporting event and buy an advertisement on the stadium screen.
  8. Hire a flash mob to sing and dance your proposal to her.
  9. Buy an advertisement on your local cable show
  10. Hire someone to create an art exhibition that is all about your time together. Ask a local museum or gallery to host the “opening” of the exhibit.  Invite all your friends to the exhibit.

No matter how you get engaged on Valentine’s Day, we are sure that it will be a memorable occasion.  At Leeza Braun, we will help her dreams come true by created the perfect diamond engagement ring for you!  To view a few of our custom designs, CLICK HERE.

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