Choosing a diamond engagement ring that’s right for you is never going to be an exact science; it is, after all, likely to be one of the most emotional purchases you will ever make in your life.  Your engagement ring represents an important milestone in your relationship and in your life. It’s both a symbol and a promise for the future, so you’ll want it to have an immediate “wow” factor and lasting appeal.

There are some simple, practical points to bear in mind before you make a commitment to buy your engagement ring.  The value (and therefore price) of a diamond is determined by  the “4C’s,”   which  are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, as determined by the diamond grading laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America, the GIA.  The cut grade is determined by factors such as, Polish, Symmetry, Depth and Table proportions, among others, that translate into the amount of “sparkle” the diamond has.

You might want to decide which of the 4C’s are the most important to you in your choice of diamond for your engagement ring. So now you have a basic point of reference, where do you go from here? A good place to start is with price, because many couples have an absolute top limit in terms of budget.  

With that in mind, what would be the ideal shape for your diamond?  Think about how it will look on your hand and about your own personal style and fashion taste.  There are many stunning diamond shapes available for your engagement ring, including the Round, the Princess, the Radiant, the Oval, the Marquise (shaped like a football), the Emerald and the Asscher,  the Cushion  and the Heart. The Round Brilliant cut, which has the most facets, maximal light reflection, and “sparkle” appeal, is still probably by far the most popular choice for brides with traditional taste. If you have the opportunity, the best thing is to try on different shapes and see which one suits you best. Remember that you will be wearing this ring every day, so think about its long-term appeal for you.   

Timeless classic engagement rings

We have a variety of simple, timeless styles of engagement rings to suit the classic bride.The ring below left has a pavé diamond band with a pavé detailed under-basket set directly onto the band. The ring in the middle has a pavé floating basket set on a shoulder. The one on the right is a simple round solitaire.

Classic-Diamonds-_Leeza-Braun-1024x293 How to select a diamond that’s right for you

The Emerald cut (below left) is another classic choice and has an elegant look.  The middle ring is composed of a center round, brilliant cut diamond with pear-shaped side stones, and the Asscher cut three stone ring on the right is a slightly more unusual take on the classic, as it has bullet-shaped side stones.

Classic-Engagement-Rings-Leeza-Braun-1024x293 How to select a diamond that’s right for you

Fancy color diamonds

You might want to go one step further and consider a Fancy Color diamond.  There are no hard and fast rules dictating that your diamond engagement ring must be white – and there are so many tempting color choices available! Below left is a pear-shaped, Fancy purple pink halo ring; in the middle, a slightly off-center Fancy vivid yellow Pear-shaped halo ring which exudes personality. To the right is a classic, fancy intense yellow diamond with tapered baguettes side stones.

Choose-a-diamond-that-is-right-for-you-Fancy-Cut-1024x293 How to select a diamond that’s right for you

Custom diamond engagement rings

Still not entirely sure? Then why not go one step further and have us create a bespoke diamond engagement ring for you. Custom engagement rings have become increasingly popular as many brides prefer to express their individuality rather than have their engagement ring look like everyone else’s.  Not a fan of platinum because your everyday watch and other jewelry is gold? You can tell us what shape and style you like, pick out the setting, the precious metal, the color – and it will be totally unique to you.  Below are examples of the one-of-a kind custom engagement rings we have made for our clients.

ONE-OF-A-KIND-Engagement-rings-Leeza-Braun-1024x293 How to select a diamond that’s right for you

Whether you choose a simple, timeless, classic ring, or a custom bespoke ring designed especially for you, whether using white diamonds or fancy color diamonds, your choice will say a lot about you.

Saying yes to the ring will ultimately come from the heart. If it makes you gasp, it’s the one.