The holiday season is the perfect time to get engaged. You have plenty of opportunities to share your good news with family and friends, and if the engagement is a surprise, it just adds that much more excitement to a season packed with fun.

With the weather still warm, it may seem like you have plenty of time to plan for your engagement. But if you want the event to be truly special, you had best start planning now, especially when it comes to the ring.

The Early Bird Gets the Best Ring

Selecting an engagement ring is a big deal and not something to be rushed. In fact, the entire process should be a leisurely, fun and enjoyable part of your engagement plan. Just bear in mind that ring manufacturers get bogged down over the holiday season, and many close between Christmas and New Year’s Day. In fact, 40% of all engagements take place between November and February. If you want a custom engagement ring, now is the time to get the ball rolling.

Some things to consider when shopping for the perfect ring:

  • Set a budget: Knowing how much you are willing and able to spend will help us understand the best value for your dollar, including carat size, color, clarity and cut.
  • Keep your bride’s style preferences in mind. If she wears a lot of showy vintage pieces, you want a more ornate ring that won’t be overshadowed. If she wears little to no jewelry, simple elegance of will be your best choice.
  • Ring size: Read our article here about on how to take the guessing out of her ring size.

Steps for Creating the Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

If you want to make your engagement truly special, a custom ring says it all. An original design denotes that your relationship is unique, and you care enough about your intended to create the perfect token of your love and commitment. To ensure that your ring is ready for the special day, you should have all steps completed by November 1.

Select a Stone

In case you haven’t heard, there are specific guidelines to consider when choosing a diamond. Diamond quality is determined by the “4 Cs”: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. All four characteristics are important. Your bride likely has a preference for cut, but the rest is up to you, with the guidance of your jeweler, of course.

Select a Metal

From an aesthetic perspective, you typically have three color choices: Yellow Gold, Rose  Gold or White (Silver). However, if you want to stick with silver hues, you have the choice of platinum or white gold. Platinum is the strongest of the three and will hold your stones securely. White gold is popular, yellow gold is a classic, and rose gold is trending. Just remember, the ring is for her, so canvas friends and family to learn her preference.

Select a Design

Selecting the perfect design for your ring is probably the most fun (and most challenging) part of buying a custom ring. Leeza Braun’s custom designers will work with you to get it right, providing sketches, computer images and examples to help you narrow down your options. If requested, a 3-D model of the design will be created to enable you to make last minute changes.

As you can see, ring shopping is a huge part of planning the perfect holiday engagement. After all, once you announce your engagement, the ring is the star of the show!

The design specialists at Leeza Braun understand your desire to present the perfect ring at your holiday engagement. When you enter our private showroom, you will be the focus of attention as we work with you to find the perfect elements for your custom ring. Don’t wait until the last minute to search for the perfect ring for your holiday engagement. Make an appointment with us today and let our custom design team at Leeza Braun guide you through the process of designing a stunning custom holiday engagement ring.