You’re about to make an important investment in jewelry and with all the availability in the city,  how do you find the best diamond engagement rings in NYC?  It certainly can be overwhelming given the amount of choice you have in a place known for its diamond district.  After being in business for over 15 years and helping numerous  happy couples find their perfect ring, we at Leeza Braun feel that these 10 Tips will make finding the best diamond engagement ring in NYC a fun, exciting and most of all, a romantic journey!

Tips for Finding the Best Diamond Engagement Rings in NYC

  1. Referral:  The most frequent way that most of our clients find Leeza Braun is through referral. That’s because when you make an investment in an important piece of jewelry, knowing that your friends and/or family have had an excellent experience gives you peace of mind.
  2. Reputation:  Trust and reputation are an important part of your diamond ring search, and you only need to read about our clients’ experience with Leeza Braun to know that you have reached your destination.   Leeza Braun’s design team comes from one of the most trusted families, and one of the largest diamond manufacturers in the United States and around the globe- Leo Schachter Diamonds.  Like the diamond engagement rings they design, Leeza Braun is a one-of-a-kind. Our  Atelier offers exquisite creations with the same, if not better quality diamonds than the large commercial jewelers that spend $ millions on advertising every year.  You will be thrilled with Leeza Braun;  the quality of our diamonds, our one-of-a-kind design,  and our one on one service is unparalleled in the world of diamond engagement rings.
  3. Quality of Work:  Who are we if we can’t be proud of each and every piece that we design?  We make sure that each hand selected diamond and every setting, is the best quality your money will buy…and then some. It’s why couples keep coming back to our studio year after year, not only to upgrade their original purchase but for special gifts too!
  4. Passion for Product:  The most important part of our job as is to create the perfect engagement ring for the woman who will wear itWe take into account her personal style and taste, and budget-and translate it into the ring of her dreams.
  5. Selection of Diamonds: For the woman who knows what shape she prefers we will pre-select the best diamonds based on size, quality, and budget. For those who are unsure about the shape, we will guide them through the process in our showroom.  Our step by step process enables our clients to find exactly what they love in the price point they need.
  6. Custom design for all tastes: While we have a beautiful selection of our own designs, we offer custom designs to accommodate special requests.  
  7. Quality of Stones: We carry diamonds to fit every budget.
  8. GIA certification and Appraisel:  All of our diamonds are GIA certified.  We can also provide a written appraisal with every purchase.
  9. Customer Service: At Leeza Braun we stand behind each and every piece of jewelry we sell. We offer cleaning and checking of rings at a minimal charge. We are always available for any of your jewelry emergencies.
  10. Beautiful relaxed, no pressure environment: We are located on the 21st floor of the Gem Tower on 47th street, setting the stage for a beautiful and relaxed experience, in a private setting.

We tell everyone to SHOP AROUND. You probably think that we are a bit crazy when we tell our clients to go to other diamond jewelers.  However, it is the best way to ensure for yourself that indeed, Leeza Braun offers the best diamond engagement rings in NYC (and beyond!)  Whether we are first stop or not,  we are confident that Leeza Braun will be the last stop you make.  That is because we are certain there is no better diamond selection, and  designer than our creative and expert team at Leeza Braun.

To view some of Leeza Braun’s custom diamond ring creations, please CLICK HERE.  To view our fancy colored diamonds, please CLICK HERE.  We are happy to help you via phone, in person meeting or via email.  Please contact us for your diamond engagement ring needs!  After talking and meeting with Leeza Braun, we are sure you will agree with our many client’s that say, “Leeza Braun” is the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring in NYC.




Best diamond engagement rings in NYC