• Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day!

    Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day!

    If you are like 40% of millennial couples, you are likely to be planning your engagement sometime between now and February 14.  But getting engaged doesn’t have to be the stressful event that you might be thinking, especially if you start planning now!  You might even get engaged on Valentine’s Day! Remember, the most important […]

  • The Best Diamond Engagement Rings in NYC

    The Best Diamond Engagement Rings in NYC

    You’re about to make an important investment in jewelry and with all the availability in the city,  how do you find the best diamond engagement rings in NYC?  It certainly can be overwhelming given the amount of choice you have in a place known for its diamond district.  After being in business for over 15 […]

  • The Best Times to Pop the Question

    The Best Times to Pop the Question

    It has often been said that timing is everything, and that certainly applies to getting engaged. After all, a marriage proposal is the first step to building a full and rewarding life, and it ought to be special. So which times are best to pop the big question? The Holiday Season: A large majority of […]

  • How to afford an engagement ring

    How to afford an engagement ring

    Yes, it’s a big investment, we’ll admit; according to industry experts, the average cost for an engagement topped the $6,000-mark last year, so it’s a considerable expense. You’ve probably heard the old rule which states that you should spend up to three month’s salary on an engagement ring. The math might make you (and your fiancé) gasp.

  • How to select a diamond that’s right for you

    How to select a diamond that’s right for you

    Choosing a diamond engagement ring that’s right for you is never going to be an exact science; it is, after all, likely to be one of the most emotional purchases you will ever make in your life.

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Our love for the perfect diamond comes from the passion in our hearts passed down from the generations before us..

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Leeza Braun, a most celebrated and sought after diamond jewelry house, was founded in 2002 by Judy and Aliza Schachter. They are daughters of renowned diamond artisan Leo Schachter, one of the most respected names in the industry and a site holder for over 50 years.  From their studio in New York City, they cater to discerning clientele creating one of a kind jewelry, including magnificent engagement rings. Only the highest quality diamonds from the vast inventory of their father's diamond company is used to create their unique jewelry, and rings. Whether a stylish statement piece or one-of-a-kind jewel to be worn for generations, Judy and Aliza masterfully oversee every detail of each creation. As personal jewelry advisers, they cultivate a client experience rich in individual meaning.

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