You are about to embark on one of the most exciting and important times in your life…getting married! Along with that once in a lifetime experience comes a few expenses … your bridal gown, the wedding venue and let’s not forget…that amazing symbol of your forever love, your engagement ring. So, should you buy a diamond ring online?

The internet is a fabulous and important tool for helping you find the many elements that will bring your special day together and make it perfect.  Maybe you will browse gowns, and invitations, and florists.  Perhaps you will search for your reception band or DJ.  But it is not likely that you will put a deposit or pay for these purchases online without extensive research.  Why?  Because you want everything to be perfect for your wedding:  from the fit and style of your dress to the taste of the food to sound of the music and even your invitations. These expensive and complex decisions are too important to purchase online without seeing the event venue in person, trying on (what is most likely), many bridal gowns, meeting with the florist, and tasting the food.  Meeting with all these vendors in person will help you feel confident that the choices you are making are the right choices for you and will help your wedding day be perfect.

For the same reason, one of the most important purchases that you are going to make, one that will be on your finger for years to come, should not be made online, without ever seeing that diamond in person, and understanding how a setting might look on your finger, and how the color of the metal looks against your skin.  Does white or yellow or gold look best?  Or perhaps, platinum?

Most importantly, it is impossible to see the quality of the stone or examine the shape and size of a diamond from an image or video on the internet;  nor can you be 100% certain that the ring you paid for is exactly what you expected.  There is nothing like seeing that all-important diamond in person with an expert designer and gemologist helping you with your decision… in person.  Nothing can replace face-to-face communication and consultation for this important purchase that represents not only your commitment to each other but an investment in an expensive piece of jewelry.  Without an actual live designer helping you along the way, you are also missing out on the ability to custom design your ring, view a selection of real stones, and to experience the tactile touch and feel of a ring.  (Are you buying your bridal gown without touching the fabric?)


  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    3 Stone Diamond Ring With Pear Sides

    The perfect classic ring for the woman who likes a timeless style. This solitaire diamond engagement ring sports two pear sides.

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    3 Stone Solitaire with Halo

    Create your own unique custom engagement ring design like this exquisite three stone solitaire with halos!

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

    Choose from our extensive inventory of Asscher cut diamond rings. If you are inspired by vintage jewelry, than an Asscher cut is for you!

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Diamond Solitaire with Halo

    The Mimi diamond ring features a delicate halo of pave diamonds surrounding any center stone you choose. A thin pave shank has a graceful shoulder that meets the bottom of the halo.

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    This elegant Emerald Cut diamond solitaire  is a sophisticated classic engagement ring. We custom make this ring using  any size emerald cut.

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Fancy Yellow Pear Diamond

    Inspired by the rays of the sun, this fancy yellow 6 carat pear shape diamond with white pear shape side diamonds is designed for a unique bride.

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Fancy Purple Pink Pear Engagement Ring

    Are you looking for a ring that is different than anything you’ve every seen?  Than this fancy pink purple pear engagement ring is the one for you!

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Radiant Pink Diamond Ring

    Pretty in pink, this exquisite radiant pink diamond ring will always be a unique symbol of your forever love.

  •  Should I Buy a Diamond Ring Online

    Alysse Solitaire

    The simplicity of the Alysse  solitaire is the ring to showcase any beautiful diamond. Our very thin shank has a   graceful shoulder which meets the floating basket below your diamond.

The journey with Leeza Braun’s private showroom is an experience you will never forget and will give you memories that last a lifetime.  From the first phone call with one of our passionate engagement ring designers to the final presentation of the ring, the Leeza Braun staff will treat you with the attention and care always experienced by our celebrity clientele.

In the end, researching for your diamond ring online might guide you toward your perfect ring.  But purchasing it online without seeing it?  Not a good idea.  The sparkle, shape, size, and color of diamonds don’t translate well on paper (or on a computer screen.)  And there is nothing like that first glimpse in person, of the diamond that is going to be with you, and perhaps be in your family for  generations to come.

When you meet with the designers and master gemologists at Leeza Braun, you can be assured that not only will you get the exact design of your dreams, but you will get the highest quality diamond that you can afford.  Because we are part of a diamond dynasty,  Leeza Braun is in the unique position of having direct access to the best, conflict-free diamonds from around the globe. We look forward to helping you find the diamond engagement ring you have always dreamed of!  CONTACT US to make an appointment at your convenience, or LEARN MORE about the Leeza Braun experience.