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Isabella Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Isabella Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Prices starting at $8000

Depending on size and quality of your diamond.  We are happy to work with you to find the highest quality diamond for your budget.

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Leeza Braun’s Isabella Cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a unique blend of our master craftsmanship and our ability to source the highest quality cushion cut diamonds in the world. Since all of our diamond rings are custom and made especially for you, we can create the Isabella in any carat size, clarity, and color.


The Isabella cushion cut diamond engagement ring is set on a thin pave diamond band. Set as low as possible, this ring is able to flush fit a wedding band of your choice. The center cushion cut is set in our signature thin claw prongs.  Call for an appointment and let us help you create the ring of your dreams.


If you like the Isabella cushion-cut stone but would like to see another setting, our master craftsman and designers will create your dream engagement ring. All our rings are custom designed and are uniquely created based on your needs.


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