The Leo Diamond

Leeza Braun is part of the 50-year-old Schachter diamond dynasty. Their affiliation with Leo Schachter gives Leeza Braun direct access to the highest quality diamonds…in the world.

Biz Bio

Only the  highest quality of diamonds selected from the vast inventory of their family’s diamond company is used to create their unique diamond jewelry, and rings. Judy and Aliza masterfully oversee every detail of each creation. As personal jewelry advisers, they cultivate a client experience rich in individual meaning.

Emmy Awards

Popular statement bracelets as reviewed by Michael O’Conner

Ready to Wear -Earth’s Wonders

Earth’s Wonders is a unique collection celebrating the colors and shapes inspired by the beauty of natural diamonds. This collection uses the warm tones of  light yellow diamonds and  is handcrafted in  18K- white gold, yellow gold, blackened gold and rose gold.